If the founder of – Michael Lacey, were smart enough, he would have moved to replacing the escort category on his infamous classifieds website to a Sugar Babies Website, but it seems as if the old man was too busy hiring the escorts advertised on his own classifieds website.

Albert Ved

Albert Ved from Los Angeles, Calfornia, owns a company that manufactures close tolerance Sheetmetal products. He is also a dating blogger. He was the first to create a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Meetup Discord Server back in 2015. He passed the server ownership to the most popular Sugar Baby on the server after the server reached 2000 members in the March of 2016, as he was too busy hanging out with the sugar babies himself and managing his company. He recently had a chat with the person he transferred the ownership to. She is now married to one of her wealthy Beverly Hills clients and together they have a daughter now who was born in October of 2019. They named her ‘Zokkor’, which means sugar in the Maltese language.

Albert writes about this Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Meetup App, where Black women with curly hair are the most popular. These Curly Haired Ebonies charge 1.5x higher than any other sugar babies on any other app or website on an average in the USA. He writes this app, its sugar babies, the sugar daddies that hire these sugar babies and the kind of money they spend on them, are all proofs of how racism is not much prevalent in most of the parts of the United States.

Albert agrees with the study that concludes Sugar Babies with bigger eyes are twice as busy as their small eyed counterparts.

My most favourite cousin’s wife was once a failed model and an actress, then a failed internet marketer and brand manager, but now she is a successful wife, a sugar baby and a mother.

Albert Ved

Albert knows this Italian-American lady who has been working as a Sugar Baby in the New York City for the past 3 years now. Her mother is a popular Italian Academic and her dad was an Italian Actor. She came for her education to the US and then decided to settle down in the US forever. She is a trained chef, can cook over 7 cuisines including Indian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and French.

Albert was in Guadalajara, Mexico, recently, where he saw several straight and homosexual couples having sex in the public. He is certain that several of these couples had regular real family incest sex. What really caught his attention was these 5 homosexual men who were all apparently tantric sex experts, they would take a walk every morning making a gay-train by the beach. They would all stay erect and nobody out of them would ever ejaculate. Albert once picked up the courage to speak to them, they told him they walk 90 minutes like that everyday.


Achim Shikongo from Texas City, TX, is a Sex Blogger and French Restaurant Owner, who believes the cure for the human male pattern baldness is hidden somewhere in the body of one of the most common insects – Cockroach. Achim along with a medical student friend of his, has been working on his dream to find a cure for the male pattern baldness. He believes they will be successful by 2023.

Achim agrees with the survey done in Finland in 1998, which concluded that straight men with moustache like to spank their women at least 3x more compared to the clean shaven straight men. Also, the survey concluded that straight men with moustache are more obsessed with buttocks of a woman than her breasts while the clean shaven straight men in general are more obsessed with a woman’s breasts compared to her buttocks. The survey also claimed that straight men with moustache liked to play with a woman’s waist more while the clean shaven straight men like to kiss their women more on the lips. The survey also concluded that to multiply the joy of kissing on the lips, clean shaven men prefer their women in the bed with a lipstick on while it is the opposite in case of the straight men with a moustache.

Achim didn’t believe the Alabama incest rumour/myth until he lived there himself. He had to live in Collinsville, Alabama, where he saw this neighbouring 47 year old Psychiatrist having a sexual affair with his own stepdaughter. She had the most beautiful curly hair, he writes. She looked a lot like the curly teen pornstar – Sabrina Spice.

Achim believes the study done in France in the year 2005 which concluded that Anarchists have a larger dick than the traditionalists and it is applicable globally.

Achim has a Swedish friend who is naturally low on testosterone levels. He once went under Testosterone Replacement Therapy on advice of his doctor, but didn’t see much progress. Once after he came back home from the office, he discovered his wife fucking 4 Muslim men. He first thought she was being raped, but later on, he discovered that they were thieves who came to steal. His wife offered them her pussy apart from the goods they came to steal. After investigation, it was discovered they were from Pakistan and each one had acted in the same Pakistani TV Series before they arrived to Sweden.

Every morning, Achim eats what he calls ‘The Libido Diet’ as his breakfast – 4 Mugs of Black Coffee with 6 Cups of Almonds, Apricots and Arabian Dates. He also edges 30 minutes every morning to Tiktok porn to increase his sexual stamina.

Achim claims weapons of mass destruction as powerful as the atomic bombs dripped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be created using a mixture of a man’s prostatic fluid and a woman’s squirts.


I personally failed many times ever since I wanted to stop masturbation. Now when I am doing fairly well, the feeling and flashbacks of over and over again don’t make me more hopeful, and that lack of hope makes me relapse. I cannot figure how can I get over the feeling of failure after relapsing so many times. The lack of hope that nothing will work doesn’t seem to leave me alone.

Hunter Kokko

Hunter Kokko from Frisco, Texas, is a Sex Blogger and a Fast Food Restaurant owner, who believes the use of illegal drugs should not be treated as a matter of criminal justice.

He believes all sorts of viagras should be legalized everywhere in the world.

If I had a button to disarm all the nuclear weapons in the world in an instant, I would push it.

Hunter Kokko

Hunter believes the survey done in Pakistan which concludes the children of pushy parents that allocate lots of focus on nurturing their intellect and education are 250% more likely to enter the adult industry once they grow up compared to the people who didn’t have pushy, caring or nurturing parents.

Sex with someone who doesn’t understand your language is just like a translated poetry, it rarely becomes as rhythmic.

Hunter Kokko

Hunter believes nothing works as good as the adult movies or any other form of adult entertainment when it comes to the cultural appropriation. He writes when someone consumes an adult product, their subconscious brain obeys and adopts everything it comes across.

Hunter believes distance makes the heart grow fonder. He also believes cats are hellspawn and inferior to dogs.

Cheating on your wife or girlfriend is only as bad as cheating on doing paperwork or on a game.

Hunter Kokko

Hunter thinks the governments across the world should create free live sex cams websites and recruit both males and females belonging to different sexual orientations on monthly salaries.


Aldman Yanez from Odense, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Web Designer, who claims to have interviewed over 200 automotive experts and bloggers, and without any exception, each one was more fascinated with the assets of a woman than with the automobiles (be it cars, bikes or whatever else). He writes they wouldn’t say it publicly though, as they would lose a great deal of their audience, subscribers, fans and even the sponsors if they ever do.

Aldman claims the notion that many Japanese women have sex with their sons (mostly during the exam times) to relieve the stress is a propaganda against the Japan and Japanese products by the American and European industrial unions.

Aldman writes the notion that Turks with Blonde hair have some Slavic ancestry is not an exact one. He believes it applies only to 3% of the Turk blondes and that includes those Blonde Turk escort 69 in Denmark as well.

Aldman believes there will be Hijab bikinis, swimwear and lingerie on sale everywhere on the planet by 2030.

Aldman believes the study done in Australia which states that video gaming makes an adult fickle-minded while watching porn does the opposite. He claims it is a propaganda of the video gaming industry and the Abrahamic religions to destroy the porn industry that porn is bad for a human brain.

Aldman had no idea that one of the most popular drinks of India – Sugarcane Juice, was mainly used by the adult Indians as an aphrodisiac until he tried it himself after watching an English language Indian cooking YouTube channel. He was shocked that nobody in the comments section, although the video had thousands of those, mentioned how it improved their libido, erection quality or sexual stamina. He assumes it works the same in the case of the women as well.


The plan of the health organisations is to put a microchip inside us that will allow them to track us 24/7. Another plan is to reduce the population. When the coronavirus was discovered in 1920s and it has always been around, how come it becomes highly contagious all of a sudden that it spread everywhere around the globe overnight and everyone started to die due to it. And why do they keep telling us a new fairytale each day about who spread it and why. There’s not a single study done that proves COVID-19 is contagious. How can they lockdown the entire world on just the suspicion that a virus that has always been there is now out to kill us all? Don’t forget these are the same people who tell us that looking at a woman’s breasts for 30 minutes a day increases the lifespan of a man by 10 minutes. Also, these are the same scientists and doctors who tell us that sex or masturbation have no negative impact on a man’s health. The negative impact of the sex and masturbation on a man’s health have been known to the mankind since time unknown.

I believe in science when I feel like the source is honest and the “science” really makes sense.
Those coomer scientists need to stop telling us a new version of everything each time and they need to stop being so dogmatic and pushy.

To say vaccine is not obligatory is one of the dumbest statement you can make. It’s just like saying wearing mask is not obligatory out in the public.

You are as much involved in all this as those evil doctors for staying silent on all this and not doing your research. You have mentioned a couple of times before that you want to do research on the side-effects of porn and masturbation from a scientific POV, but you fear the authorities.

Cosmo Colandreo

The letter quoted above was written to a Dutch Medical Student by an Australian Social Activist after he was done jerking-off to an imlive sex cam model. He also wrote a 5 star imlive review after writing this letter, claiming it was the best wank of his life.


Eugene Ammerman from Bismarck, North Dakota, is a sex blogger and Metallurgical engineer, who believes grill the girl is and should be the end motto of every straight man in the world.

Eugene dated a Blonde Ashkenazi Jew woman once who would always complain about his sexual performance in bed and that’s when he realized first-handed how important sexual health is and he started taking supplements to perform like one of those male pornstars in a Korean Porn Movie.

Eugene writes women with a mental/psychological disorder are far sexier in bed and it is a fact known by all ancient cultures, civilizations and some religions. He adds only the so-called modern people don’t seem to know this precious gem piece of knowledge.

Eugene believes drinking tea/coffee regularly increases the benefits you receive from regular sex.

Eugene is a huge believer of the youth movement – NoFap. He writes on his blog that NoFap did help him discover several vices of his including the habit of procrastination, binge eating, eating whatever tastes good instead of healthy, etc.

Eugene believes banning porn is not a healthy solution to the masturbation addiction among the old and young men alike. He thinks that banning porn will increase the market for atrocities like rapes, abductions, filming without the woman’s consent etc, especially in Africa, Russia, Indian Subcontinent, Eastern Europe, Latin America, to feed the huge market of the porn watchers.

Eugene believes that the current profit margins for the porn producers are so thin that most common men and women who wouldn’t mind filming themselves having sex would rather play themselves live on a cam than working in a porn movie, but if porn is banned, the profits are definitely going to get higher in that arena and hence many men would be willing to go to any extent to feed the huge market demand and make that profit.


David Cakebread from Michigan, Illinois, is a clothing retailer and sex blogger, who claims to have a bulletproof plan to deliver condoms, sex toys and other adult sexual products through drones in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, where it is a dangerous business.

David writes Zinc has nothing to on Vitamin D when it comes to testosterone. He attributes the all-natural Vitamin D received through sun for the exceptional testosterone of the African men.

David believes Pakistan will have more bald ramp models than any other nation by 2032.

David once dated a Half-Indian Vaishya and Half-Persian woman living in Mexico, Missouri. He writes her pussy used to smell like some good yolk which he could never get enough of.

David says it is too hard globally to get a loan to start an adult business and it is next to impossible or useless to ask for a loan start an adult business in several Islamic countries. He writes he wants to take an initiative on this cause and he believes several Chinese Porn website owners will very likely help him for this cause of his as they also feel for this gracious cause.

David writes he loves watching amateur porn, but he is against the amateur porn where the man wears Vendetta or other type of mask to hide his face while the woman clearly shows her face. He believes it is against the woman’s rights. He is also against the porn where the woman hides her face while the man is clearly revealing his as he believes it is against the man’s rights. And about the videos where both the man and the woman refuse to show their face, he writes it is the duty of the tube websites to delete such videos.

David believes recovering from an ejaculation is very easy during the winter season. He says it only takes 4 hours for him whereas he doesn’t feel the same energy and vitality for after 24 hours after an ejaculation in the summers.

David sounds cringe when he says that he made his girlfriend at the time give him 2010 tugjobs in the year 2010 and since then he has been receiving the same amount of tujobs as the number count of the year each year. He has already got 1980 tugjobs this year, just 40 more to go and these tugjobs included the ones he got at the Chinese Massage Parlours on the streets of Shanghai.


Why have lousy nights sleeping with your wife when you have the escorts. High class escort agencies hand-pick models not only keeping in view the pleasure of their clients but also to make them learn more about themselves and their spiritual health.

I know several men who would have committed suicide if it weren’t for the escorts. Even Torah promotes and advises sexual activity with prostitutes. I myself have a son with an escort.

Nils Pedrera

Nils Pedrera is a Chess Teacher and Sex Blogger, who writes he feels sleepy all day even after coffee until he adds MACA. This balances his hormones he believes to make him feel great. Great and horny enough to Go to the Sex Webcams Chaturbate on Vibragame.

Nils writes that he used to use magnesium spray and mushroom extract before, that would make him energetic but would lower down his libido quite too often. He calls bullshit on the immune support claim of the mushroom extract.

Nils is not ashamed to admit that his first crush in life was his BBW Aunt. He says she used to have the most beautiful facial lips he ever saw till she hit her 50s. He writes that he still would not miss the opportunity to kiss her on her lips and rub his cock on those.

Nils fucked the one and only sister of his one and only wife while they were out traveling in a luxury train.

Nils used to swing his wife with friends and co-workers at one point. The losing guy (the guy who would ejaculate sooner) would be required to pay $700 to the winner.

Nils posts porn using multiple accounts on the NoFap Discord servers to save those misguided souls who have been told that porn and masturbation are bad from the prostate cancer.


Taurine + Vitamin C Supplements = Taylor Swift Skin. The only condition is that you don’t have to take caffeine in any form.

Jorgito Matos

Jorgito Matos from Englewood, New Jersey, is a sex blogger, who believes there are no universal beauty standards and you can meet sexy live sex cams models from across the globe.

Jorgito thanks workplace diversity for making it so easier to have interracial sex for everyone.

Jorgito believes incest is one of the most beautiful things, it is the society and religions that turned incest into a bad thing.

Jorgito believes ghost kitchens will replace traditional fast food cafes in the future.

Jorgito believes in the story that he once read in a local newspaper which goes like “Jessica Alba had a short affair with Brad Pitt. She never let Brad have sex with her but she let him smell her pussy and he used to delight in it.”

Jorgito thinks he got Asperger’s due to having had cases in life when he wouldn’t know how to connect with people and sometimes would take things said directly or not be fully able to understand why people do, say something and so on and also due to the fact that when there are many stimulus sounds, sights and so on, his mind processes them all at the same time and doesn’t filter out ones he doesn’t focus on specifically but then he realized it is probably that he is an INTP+ probably got low latent inhibition (reduced stimulus filtration) and some other reasons that in combination made him have situations in which he had Asperger’s like traits.

Jorgito writes that the smell f grass, petrol and pussy makes him oddly satisfied and he is not capping there.


Riddance Good from Bismarck, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Aerospace Engineer, who has a huge crush on the female hip-hop star – Nicki Minaj. He jerks off to her deepfake and original music videos. He is highly disappointed with her parody English pornstar – Kiki Minaj’s videos and performance. He says she doesn’t even come close to the one and only original Nicki Minaj when it comes to anything, be it the beauty of her face, her voluptuousness. He says the person or group that thought it would be a good idea to make this person the parody of Nicki Minaj has to be a dingus.

Riddance believes Nicki Minaj could be one of the freakiest women in the bedroom, just like the women we see on bangbros free porn videos.

Riddance believes emotional women are more sexual and have always been such. A man just need to where and when to trigger her right.

Riddance loves the escorts who are overzealous. He says they are hard to find, but once you have found one, there should be no doubt in your mind that you have hit a goldmine.

Riddance writes that working in a big corporation, he has come to the conclusion that the CEOs can get the pussies easiest in the company but they are too busy working all the time and their capos get to have all the fun and advantage of this situation.

Riddance finds women in tights more appealing than when they are fully naked.

Riddance writes free eBooks as a hobby dedicated to the prostitutes he ever slept with.

Riddance once dated a Korean woman who turned out to be asexual. She would roll out of the bed as soon as his dick would get hard.

Riddance brags no woman in the town looks as beautiful as his current girlfriend wearing her favorite yellow satin bikini.