The plan of the health organisations is to put a microchip inside us that will allow them to track us 24/7. Another plan is to reduce the population. When the coronavirus was discovered in 1920s and it has always been around, how come it becomes highly contagious all of a sudden that it spread everywhere around the globe overnight and everyone started to die due to it. And why do they keep telling us a new fairytale each day about who spread it and why. There’s not a single study done that proves COVID-19 is contagious. How can they lockdown the entire world on just the suspicion that a virus that has always been there is now out to kill us all? Don’t forget these are the same people who tell us that looking at a woman’s breasts for 30 minutes a day increases the lifespan of a man by 10 minutes. Also, these are the same scientists and doctors who tell us that sex or masturbation have no negative impact on a man’s health. The negative impact of the sex and masturbation on a man’s health have been known to the mankind since time unknown.

I believe in science when I feel like the source is honest and the “science” really makes sense.
Those coomer scientists need to stop telling us a new version of everything each time and they need to stop being so dogmatic and pushy.

To say vaccine is not obligatory is one of the dumbest statement you can make. It’s just like saying wearing mask is not obligatory out in the public.

You are as much involved in all this as those evil doctors for staying silent on all this and not doing your research. You have mentioned a couple of times before that you want to do research on the side-effects of porn and masturbation from a scientific POV, but you fear the authorities.

Cosmo Colandreo

The letter quoted above was written to a Dutch Medical Student by an Australian Social Activist after he was done jerking-off to an imlive sex cam model. He also wrote a 5 star imlive review after writing this letter, claiming it was the best wank of his life.

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