Aldman Yanez from Odense, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Web Designer, who claims to have interviewed over 200 automotive experts and bloggers, and without any exception, each one was more fascinated with the assets of a woman than with the automobiles (be it cars, bikes or whatever else). He writes they wouldn’t say it publicly though, as they would lose a great deal of their audience, subscribers, fans and even the sponsors if they ever do.

Aldman claims the notion that many Japanese women have sex with their sons (mostly during the exam times) to relieve the stress is a propaganda against the Japan and Japanese products by the American and European industrial unions.

Aldman writes the notion that Turks with Blonde hair have some Slavic ancestry is not an exact one. He believes it applies only to 3% of the Turk blondes and that includes those Blonde Turk escort 69 in Denmark as well.

Aldman believes there will be Hijab bikinis, swimwear and lingerie on sale everywhere on the planet by 2030.

Aldman believes the study done in Australia which states that video gaming makes an adult fickle-minded while watching porn does the opposite. He claims it is a propaganda of the video gaming industry and the Abrahamic religions to destroy the porn industry that porn is bad for a human brain.

Aldman had no idea that one of the most popular drinks of India – Sugarcane Juice, was mainly used by the adult Indians as an aphrodisiac until he tried it himself after watching an English language Indian cooking YouTube channel. He was shocked that nobody in the comments section, although the video had thousands of those, mentioned how it improved their libido, erection quality or sexual stamina. He assumes it works the same in the case of the women as well.

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