If the founder of – Michael Lacey, were smart enough, he would have moved to replacing the escort category on his infamous classifieds website to a Sugar Babies Website, but it seems as if the old man was too busy hiring the escorts advertised on his own classifieds website.

Albert Ved

Albert Ved from Los Angeles, Calfornia, owns a company that manufactures close tolerance Sheetmetal products. He is also a dating blogger. He was the first to create a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Meetup Discord Server back in 2015. He passed the server ownership to the most popular Sugar Baby on the server after the server reached 2000 members in the March of 2016, as he was too busy hanging out with the sugar babies himself and managing his company. He recently had a chat with the person he transferred the ownership to. She is now married to one of her wealthy Beverly Hills clients and together they have a daughter now who was born in October of 2019. They named her ‘Zokkor’, which means sugar in the Maltese language.

Albert writes about this Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Meetup App, where Black women with curly hair are the most popular. These Curly Haired Ebonies charge 1.5x higher than any other sugar babies on any other app or website on an average in the USA. He writes this app, its sugar babies, the sugar daddies that hire these sugar babies and the kind of money they spend on them, are all proofs of how racism is not much prevalent in most of the parts of the United States.

Albert agrees with the study that concludes Sugar Babies with bigger eyes are twice as busy as their small eyed counterparts.

My most favourite cousin’s wife was once a failed model and an actress, then a failed internet marketer and brand manager, but now she is a successful wife, a sugar baby and a mother.

Albert Ved

Albert knows this Italian-American lady who has been working as a Sugar Baby in the New York City for the past 3 years now. Her mother is a popular Italian Academic and her dad was an Italian Actor. She came for her education to the US and then decided to settle down in the US forever. She is a trained chef, can cook over 7 cuisines including Indian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and French.

Albert was in Guadalajara, Mexico, recently, where he saw several straight and homosexual couples having sex in the public. What really caught his attention was these 5 homosexual men who were all apparently tantric sex experts, they would take a walk every morning making a gay-train by the beach. They would all stay erect and nobody out of them would ever ejaculate. Albert once picked up the courage to speak to them, they told him they walk 90 minutes like that everyday.

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