Raheem Siddique from Livermore, California, converted to Judaism for its liberal sexual views first but then found out later that he wanted more than one wife, so he decided to convert to Islam. He claims that the concept of 4 marriages is the primary reason why Islam has been growing so fast ever since its inception.

Raheem had to learn to practice sex without ejaculation from Mantak Chia personally because all 4 of his wives are allergic to the semen and he finds it way easier to be able to have an active sex life without feeling drained using this non-ejaculatory sex method also known as Sexual Kung-Fu as is often seen in Thai porn websites like – xn--72czbawn3i1b1dydua6cl3b.

Raheem claims chronic diarrhea and its medications for 2 years gave him an erectile dysfunction in his late 20s.

Raheem used to have a Kashmiri Hindu MILF fuck-friend who had a great pair of natural tits and a beautiful face. She wouldn’t take off her glasses and bra while fucking. She had some sort of phobia for sure.

Raheem once had a wet dream where he was snapping with a girl and out of nowhere she sends him a video of her pulling down her top, revealing her boobs. But then she pulls the top even further down and reveals a second pair of boobs. This woman had 4 boobs. In the dream he came immediately without even touching himself and he started rethinking his life choices like has he taken NoFap too far? Does he have to start masturbating again to not cum in 01. seconds when he has sex with a girl for the first time. Turns out it was a wet dream so he was good. His best friend had a similar dream the very same night.


Aroon Sethi from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a sex blogger and author, who claims to have fapped to Audrey Bitoni’s different videos for over 2000 times and says that he still finds each of those videos as fresh and sexy as he did the first time. He says the only pornstar that can rival Audrey Bitoni for him is an anonymous MILF Asian Pornstar whose video he saw in 2017, but is not able to find it again. He says he would pay 10, 000 US Dollars to anyone who could find that video for him.

Aroon watched an Audrey Bitoni’s video for the very first time on his iPhone while taking a dump.

He claims to have had sex with Audrey Bitoni once in her dreams through astral projection.

Aroon writes on his blog that there is no difference at all between the compostion of a man’s precum and the lubricating liquid that a woman’s vagina drips during sexual excitement. He says it is a pity that there are no studies done on this, but only a few Ancient Taoists made this claim long ago.

Aroon claims the idea of inventing a magnet came to the inventor’s head after witnessing the magnetism between a real life dick and a pussy and all the evidences proving the same have been destroyed by the religious institutions over the centuries.

Aroon claims there is perfect evidence that the sweat that an adult male or female exudes during sex or any other activity have completely different composition but the religious institutions have made their best efforts to not let this become a mainstream knowledge.


Vlasta Bratcher from London, England, is a sex blogger who happens to have a wife who weighs over 250lbs. She can be extremely wild during the heat of the night like those pornostars in the VRSMASH movies. She always makes Vlasta wonder what a pity it is that there is no such thing as a dick insurance.

Vlasta is a fan of the Ayurveda and some other Hindu practices. He strongly believes that a raised kundalini increases a man’s libido by 600%. He has been trying to raise his kundalini up for years now by different practices but all those practices only raise up his dick by making him bored to the level that he ends up watching granny porn.

Vlasta believes Theravada Buddhism is overall better than Hindu Monasticism.

Vlasta believes Islamic Sharia is the only solution to save the West from Feminism and Female Promiscuity and he is glad that it is never going to be applied in the UK.

Vlasta lived in the United States of America for years and he claims to have never met an African-American pastor who ever practiced voluntary celibacy although they tried so hard by using different tactics including vegetarianism, veganism, etc.

Vlasta believes vegetarianism is more harmful than veganism. Although he claims to hate both.

Vlasta claims to have met a Jewish guy once who claimed to have never had a night without sex. He was 74 then and no, Vlasta is not talking about the US President Donald Trump here.


Rias Al Zahiri from Dubai is a full-time perfume maker and part-time sex blogger, who writes on his blog that he drinks a glass of one of his four wives as the first thing in the morning.

Rias had a strong crush on one of his teachers in college. She was short, a little overweight curly woman of Moroccan heritage. She consoled him and although she didn’t let him fuck her, she kissed and sucked his balls and lips for a couple of minutes. He says she has to be one of the nicest women he ever met.

Rias writes you have some gay tendency if you watch a man and a woman fucking over lesbian porn. He claims men with no gay tendencies at all watch nothing but lesbian porn only. Rias really compliments VRBonk for offering some of the best lesbian VR porn.

Rias claims to be an expert tantric master. He says it took him 124 attempts on consecutive days to learn to not ejaculate while having sex.

Rias travels the whole world as a sex tourist. He writes no woman can ride you like a Bengali or a Tamil beauty can.

Rias claims the Ancient Indians believed living on the mountains kills libido. That’s why their sages and saints who took up the vow of celibacy went up to the hills to practice Brahmacharya.

Like most self-proclaimed or renowned sex experts, Rias never gets tired of repeating “Eating healthy foods should be one of your topmost priorities when it comes to maintaining your sexual health.”


“Passive women are better in bed and stay wet for longer”, a very good friend of mine told this to me and since then I have been dating none other than passive women only to discover that the friend of mine was exactly on point regarding this fact. I once tore the pussy of this unbelievably passive woman from South Korea, but she acted and behaved like nothing happen. She kept kissing me all the time throughout that sex session and even when after knowing that she is hurt, I put it inside the second time. She bled more blood than the amount of oil that America is going to steal from Iran.

It is really a false notion that the millennials don’t have as much sex as their peers. All those spreading such notions have low sex drives and similar is the case with their friends and the family, and they falsely believe that the similar is the case with others, which is far from the truth. I have never seen so much fucking going between the spouses, strangers, fuckbuddies, live-in couples and not to mention family members as well. Nobody is going to tell you that they fuck one or more of their family member(s), but if you want to experience this reality, watch amateur Hungarian free sex cams. Most amateur Hungarian sex videos lately have been those of the family members fucking each other, with aunt and nephew videos topping the numbers.

I have never had sex with a Hungarian woman ever in my life but I have had enough of it with the Slovenians. There used to be this Slovenian boss of mine in the company that I work at, I used to fuck his tranny daughter all the time and he never got a clue about it. I miss that tranny, she used to be a marvelous cocksucker. She must be busy sucking a cock while I write this post.


Last month, I met an All-Natural Indian chick through an escort service in Goa, while I was there,who told me that the women who claim that they don’t care about how long a guy lasts, clearly lie. She said that the case might be true for the women with extremely low estrogen levels and high prolactin levels, both at the same time or either at once, but it is far from being the truth for any of the woman that she knows personally and especially the women who work for the very same escort service in Goa.

She told me that even though she spends most of his days and nights fucking, she still cannot get enough of dicks and the most crucial thing to her is how long her client is able to last.

She also said to me that if you don’t get an erection even when a hot and voluptuous chick like herself gives you a hug then you definitely need a treatment for your ED, which definitely wasn’t the case for me, I was ready for the second round as soon as my first one was finished and she didn’t even give me a hug after I was done fucking her for the first time.

I was in Spain in the December of 2019, where I met the naturally busty curly pornstar MILF beauty – Merce Palau. She offered me her pussy for an entire night in exchange for a blog just like this one, I negotiated it to her pussy for two nights but never built the blog. A friend told me that she has been looking for my contact information ever since but she hasn’t been able to find me, lol. Several benefits come with being a web developer and free delicious pussies are just a few of those.


One of my good friends who runs a used car dealership in Goa, India, told me that he struggled with the erectile dysfunction for years until he became familiar with a 75 year old Saudi Sheikh who enjoyed Russian escorts in Goa all the time like a freak whenever he was in Goa. This Saudi Sheikh told my used car dealership friend that the secret behind his sexual libido is eating Houbara Bastard all the time. My used car dealership friend followed his advice and today he is, just like that Saudi Sheikh, he enjoys call girls Goa all the time.

Anyways, did I ever tell you that I had an affair with both teacher and her daughter who studied in my class when I was in the college. The mother and daughter got to know that they both were enjoying the dick of the same guy all the time and rather than getting angry about it, they both were immensely happy about the fact that apart from sharing their house, they were sharing a dick, they both told me that they both have already discovered that I was a SOB who was enjoying both the mother and the daughter and they would like to have a threesome with me, but I used to be a shy bastard back in the day who refused the offer.

I have always had my hands filled with breasts since I reached the adulthood and I believe that this will remain the same with me until the day I die.

I also don’t think that I ever told you that I am an expert at the Vajroli Mudra and can lift a couple of kilos with my dick.


One of my very good friends is a full-time eBay seller from Ottawa, Canada, who told me that one of the ex-wives of one of the most infamous Pro-Wrestlers ever – Abdullah the Butcher, is a GILF street hooker who roams around the streets of the Ottawa City, all the time and is willing to fuck for as low as 80 Canadian Dollars for a hour. He sent me a picture of her and she literally looks like a Meth addict in that picture.

If you ask me how many high-class call girls are there in the world in total, I will answer you that their number is just equivalent to the number of the planets (both already discovered and yet to be discovered) in the solar system.

I was recently in the capital of India – New Delhi and after meeting several New Delhi Escorts, I have come to the conclusion that those high-class call girls from India have a type of charisma that doesn’t only impact and attract humans, but also the birds. I took one of the call-girls that I met to the Zoo Sanctuary and all the girls were looking at her while we were there.

Those escort girls in New Delhi are also some of the most dedicated ones, it fells like it is in their DNA to be dedicated.

One of the call girls that I met in New Delhi was an extremely well-educated one. Apart from meeting gentlemen, her hobbies included studying books related to Nosology, Neurology, Neuropathology and Physiography. I extended my booking with her to a week and I got to learn that she was an epitome of Sociology. Meeting her, I concluded that studying Sociology really helps an escort in her business.


I believe that there should be a war between the women belonging to the hilly and coastal cities on who are the bigger freaks. The coastal women should be represented by the nation called Chile with the infamous MILF pornstar – Tara Holiday as their Ambassador and the Hilly regions should be represented by the European nation called Prague with the naturally busty pornstar Shione Cooper as their Ambassador. It is really going to be one of the most fun things to have ever happened on the face of the earth if it ever takes place.

Anyways, this post is not about any pornstar or the women belonging to the coastal or hilly regions, but rather about the beautiful ladies that work at Massage Parlours in Goa.

I came across this Goa based Massage Parlour that has over 200 ladies working for them worldwide. They regularly update the pictures on their website and are focused on providing nothing but the best.

I had a fetish that the call girl that I hired comes wearing a mask, which she really did and it wasn’t a Covid-19 mask, but rather a sexy one, ever sexier than I expected.

After enjoying call girls all across the nation of India, I have come to the conclusion that no culture promotes paid companionship aka prostitution quite like the Indian culture. Even the ancient Hindu religious scriptures talk about the concepts like Nagarvadhu, Devadasis, Kamasutra, etc.

At last, I would like to end this post by saying that you don’t know how hard an escort works until you have hired at least tens of them.